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Operation And Maintenance

SAVS's dedicated teams for each zone for operations and maintenance ensure high uptime of Passive Infra items like Air Conditioner , Diesel Generators, Transformers, Alternators, SMPS and PMS.

What is an O&M plan?

An O&M plan specifies key system operating parameters and limits, maintenance procedures and schedules, and documentation methods necessary to demonstrate proper operation and maintenance of an approved emission control device or system.

Why is an O&M plan required?

An O&M plan is an indication that a facility is in continued compliance with applicable regulations and permit conditions.

Salient Features of SAVS O&M Module
  • Fast resolution to complaints
  • Better up keep of equipment’s
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Focused approach on customer complaints.
  • Free from hassles such as making continues follow up calls for call resolution.
  • Highly trained team of skilled persons to perform on-field job
  • Technical backend support to the maintenance team and provide support beyond their control
  • On call other maintenance services such as DG maintenance, first level maintenance for DG, AMF Panel, UPS, fire alarms systems, FMC, NMS, follow up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs / building and in case of any discrepancy report it to EIC etc to be part of the offering.
  • Daily reporting of call lodging and call resolution

Solar Solution

Green, Clean and Cost effective energy solutions provider having aim to become global leader in renewable energy market..

Telecom Products

SAVS has Design Enginering team to design products as per costomer specific requirement.

Operation And Maintenance

SAVS's dedicated teams for each zone for operations and maintenance .....


SAVS 's Manpowers are regularly trained for required skill sets...

Infra Services

SAVS has own teams in all major zones to cater promptly & cost effectievely..


Higher KVA DG Exhaust Structure

Higher KVA DG Exhaust Structure.





IP 55 Cabinet

IP 55 Cabinet.